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King Louis XIV would not approve of you Instagramming his dinner!

The reported origin of the word etiquette, was in 18th century France, when King Louis XIV and his team decided to host a public garden party for the nobility. This first party saw the King’s precious gardens trampled as the nobility mingled, and I’m going to guess, dined on canapés.  Signs were posted to ward off this unwanted behaviour i.e. “Don’t step on le grass”. These signs became known as “etiquette” or a “ticket” warning you to behave.  The signs however failed to stop the flower trampling…. WHAT? People disobeyed the signs! So the poor King was required to pass a legal decree in order to keep the nobility off his damn flowers. Etiquette then evolved to become the name given to all rules of what members of society should or should not do.

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