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ShareVision Highlights

ShareVision comes with a lot of great forms and features that will let you start tracking clients, members, services, facilities and outcomes right away. 

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Client Tracking

Case management workflows developed with and for leaders of community service organizations.

  • 50+ common form templates
  • Easily add your own forms
  • Add unlimited client profiles

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Services and Facilities Management

ShareVision automatically creates a portal for each service/program and facility you enter into the system.

  • Calendars and schedules
  • Attendance, waitlists, and rosters
  • Policies and procedures.

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Outcomes Tracking

Track goals, indicators, influencing factors and progress. Include pre and post surveys or assessments.

  • Flexible forms to fit your process
  • Full featured survey writer
  • Powerful reporting options.

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Staff Management

Featuring staff profiles, personal staff schedules, staff activity tracking, volunteers and an HR portal.

  • Personal schedules
  • Task management system
  • Alerts, reminders, announcements

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Highlights1All That Plus...

  Super Strong Security

We use the same encryption technology that banks and credit card companies use to protect all your data as it travels over the internet. A powerful yet simple to manage permissions system means that employees see only the data they need to. 

  Alerts and Workflows

ShareVision comes with a built in alert manager that allows you to set up email notifications based on dates or more complex workflows. Alert users or groups of users associated with a service or an individual and administrators can completely control the subject and body text of an alert email.

 Robust Reporting Engine

Our report generator can handle even the toughest reporting tasks like creating dazzling charts, exporting to PDF, Word, Excel, and including complex formulas and calculations. Use the built in scheduler to set up reports to run regularly and send email to the people that need to know. 


Service Options


  Talk with a Product Expert

ShareVision has a team of dedicated Product Experts ready to help. They can assist you with strategic planning, oversee deployment tasks, offer time-saving tips and best practices, as well as providing cost-effective site development solutions.


  Get Help from the ShareVision Support Team

You can submit a Support Request from your ShareVision site or by logging onto the ShareVision Support Portal. Our Support Team will answer and guide you through whatever issue you are experiencing. We always get back to you promptly and work with you until you're satisfied you have the answers you were looking for. 

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ShareVision is easy to use and its very intuitive.  Association announcements, important information, and important dates are easily accessible in one place which is critical for our decentralized structure.  Team members have access to real-time program and persons served information which enhances the delivery of services. Management has real-time reporting and our alert system ensures the right people find out when something happens.  Our 600+ team members have embraced ShareVision!. 

Gina Rowan, Director of Administration

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