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Add-on Features

ADD MORE POWER and flexibility to your system without having to wait or pay for custom development


For Everyone

You can subscribe to any of the add-on features listed below whether you have a ShareVision or ShareVision Plus subscription. 

staffcomlogCommunication Log
$199 / yr

Designed to replicate the paper communication log kept at many service locations, the communication log tracks entries made by supervisors and the initials of each employee as they are read. Administrators can easily search for unread entries by staff, date, or service.

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TCM-1Training Content Manager
$599 / yr 

Build your own training courses right in ShareVision! Administrators can add formatted text, video, or PowerPoint presentations to create content, define multiple streams and sections to make up a course, and even create quizzes which will be automatically marked using your uploaded answer keys.

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HR Portal-1Human Resources
$249 / yr

An add-on feature that pulls together all the information collected about employees into one convenient place. Track employee training, certificates, notes to file, vacation requests, employment history and more.


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MARMedication Administration Record
$199 / yr 

Easily generate a MAR sheet for any supported individual and print the sheet for staff to track medication administration.

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ipconfigIP Restrictions
$399 / yr

The IP restriction tool lets you configure and limit which computers and locations (IP addresses) can connect to ShareVision.     

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incidentrptoutputsCritical Incident Report Outputs

Do you support individuals funded by Community Living BC or BC's Ministry of Children and Family Development? These two add-on features provide reports in the format required by these agencies when reporting critical incidents.

  • CLBC Critical Incident Report

    $299 / yr

  • MCFD Critical Incident Report

    $279 / yr

Included with ShareVision Plus

As we offer two subscription levels, the add-on features listed below are automatically included with ShareVision Plus. If you have a ShareVision subscription, the following add-on features can be added to your ShareVision site for an annual subscription fee. 

intakenewclientIntake New Clients Wizard
$249 / yr 

This add-on makes it quick and easy to add a new client into the system right from the service details page.

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anonymousformsAnonymous Forms
$249 / yr 

Do you need forms to be completed by those without access to ShareVision such as prospective employees, volunteers or families? This add-on creates a public URL allowing you to collect information without having to re-enter it later into ShareVision.


formsecconfigForm Security Configuration
$249 / yr 

Form Security Configuration provides security at the form level. You can identify fields, such as approvals, which should only be seen by users of certain permission groups.  In addition, you can lock certain fields or even the entire form based on completion criteria.


copyfieldsconfigCopy Fields Configuration
$249 / yr 

The Copy Fields Configuration Add-on allows Site Administrators to select which fields they want to move to a new form when using the Copy Form button.
It also allows them to lock certain fields so users cannot change them in the new form.


autofolderconfigAutomatic Folder Security
$249 / yr 

This add-on powerfully extends the ability to have folders automatically created in Individuals or Services Documents. Additional settings allow Site Administrators to configure which security groups can view, add and delete folder contents. 


staffportalsrevisedStaff Portals: Employee Services & Managers
$249 / yr 

These add-on portals provide immediate support for employees or managers. Time-off, vehicle logs and asset management forms are included with these portals. 

Employee Services »

Managers portal »

HealthandSafety-3Health & Safety Portal
$199 / yr

This portal centralizes Health and Safety  information for your organization and includes forms for support staff incidents, emergency drills and accessibility checklists.

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