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Trick or Tweet

Halloween is the much-loved cultural holiday filled with the odd tradition of going to stranger’s homes and asking for candy. However the trick aspect of trick or treating seems to have been lost and candy acquisition is the sole remaining goal. Ask any six year old! I can’t help but imagine that when I was six, and if our entire neighborhood of kids had been on Twitter Halloween night, how our candy intake could have been efficiently maximized with tweets about where the good candy scores were and what spooky places we should avoid. So how many of your tweets end up like those nasty nameless molasses toffees, unwanted and left at the bottom of the pile?

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You say you Want a Revolution?

Four years ago this week saw the Occupy Wall Street movement gain credible motion through out the western world. Cries of “enough” to the bankers and politicians about the burden of loans, debt and the subsequent bailouts were heard in over 950 cities and in 82 countries by student activists and those who stated they represented the 99%  - aka “the rest of us”.

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