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Is Voicemail Obsolete?

How is your voicemail relationship fairing? I think mine is headed for a divorce! It would be fair to say voicemail and I are not getting along that well right now. She is often late with information, and is frustratingly slow to work with and refuses to pick up the kids. Yet I tell myself to be respectful as we are long time partners, and have a history together. But she has become so annoying to deal with.

As I sit at my desk every day at some point I notice the red light flashing indicating my need to dial in and retrieve a message from our voice message system. My unofficial data on this process is that by the time I do this and press two for this and four for that, the caller has usually also sent me an email, texted me, tweeted me, snap chatted me or called me on my cell. So by the time I actually retrieve the voice message I’ve often already responded and instead I spend my time on the voicemail system deleting messages while by-passing the myriad of additional options it offers me.  

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Take Your Fund Raising Sheep by the Horns

Holy holiday hangover it’s 2015!

Which seems like a good time to ask how well did your agency do with donations last year? As you wrote out tax receipts and tallied up your Christmas donation totals, did you notice if your agencies donations were up or down? Did you meet your budget goals and or fundraising objectives? Did you wonder if the number of donations received online had increased?

According to the website Fundraising 123, donating online is an upward trend that can be expected to continue in that direction.

“In 2008, non-profits got about 10% of their donations online, according to a survey by Target Analytics. Given the high growth rate for Internet donations, we estimate that they'll constitute the majority of donations by 2020.

2020 is only five New Years away! Will your agency be ready?

While you are thinking about how you can tune up your agency’s donation page, here is some advice on how to increase your chances that someone is going to click on the donate button.

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