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Conversations on technology for community service providers

Be My Eyes

You know, technology in the care space can be a really funny thing. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes—no matter how well intentioned—it just makes things more complicated. We’d like to think that ShareVision is in the former category, and as such we have a particular interest in other technologies that do what they’re supposed to do without getting in the way: help people help other people.

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5 Good Ideas for Growing Sensory Inclusive Venues

I’m not sure how many of you that read the Sharevision Blog follow us on social media, but a few weeks ago – around the time when the Sedin twins played their last game in Vancouver (a memorable time for us hockey fans!) – I shared a news story on Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC, where Managing Director of the group that owns the arena, Paulo Aquilini, spoke in this video about the venue being the first designated ‘autism aware’ arena in Canada. 

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Flexibilty is Key to Learning

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Caregiving Will Be Enhanced By Technology

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Technology Makes Things Easier…and Possible

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Hollywood Imaginings May be Truer Than We Think!

Mad Max Fury Road, the recent epic sci-fi blockbuster, has some pretty impressive adaptive equipment on display throughout the film. It got me to thinking about other Hollywood portrayals of adaptive equipment, and curious about how far have we actually come in 2015, with their real life counterparts. How much of the Sci-Fi Hollywood technologies shown in films and on TV, are actually possible now? Remember Geordie La Forge from Star Trek the Next Generation? That’s right, the visually impaired character who had those rad eighties looking glasses than enabled him to see. Have they, or something like them been invented yet? Well yes it seem they have, and they can be purchased… for a price. http://esighteyewear.com/what-is-esight

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