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Mom-Approved Tech Gifts

Believe it or not, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And whether you are a mom, have a mom who you’d like to gift, or just love tech gadgets and want to treat yourself, we’ve got some cool tech-related gift ideas for you. Maybe this year it’s time to skip the flowers and focus on something a little more unique. Heck, it IS 2022 after all, and the pandemic made even the most technophobic among us a little more comfortable with gadgets. Read on for some mom-approved tech gifts.

Be My Eyes

You know, technology in the care space can be a really funny thing. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes—no matter how well intentioned—it just makes things more complicated. We’d like to think that ShareVision is in the former category, and as such we have a particular interest in other technologies that do what they’re supposed to do without getting in the way: help people help other people.

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