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Interview with a Hacker

In the relatively early days of the Internet (I’m dating myself here) I had a colleague who made it clear over a period of time that she understood and truly believed that a computer virus literally meant that her desktop machine had caught a cold. I eventually had to explain to her as gently as I could, that computer viruses were in fact man made and created with the intention to cause mischief or harm and were not biological in nature. Her disbelief of this revelation was so huge, that all she could muster to say was “But why?... Why indeed?

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Shiny New Things

A sick feeling of dread and overwhelm, a worry that I’m not keeping up, and a sense of helplessness came over me during the most recent Apple watch launch. The feeling continued with every subsequent ad, promo, and lengthy analysis I was subjected to in the media. What’s next I kept thinking every time I heard another Watch ad; an iPurse?