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Community Living Software

For community living organizations, managing relationships, data, and operations effectively is critical. ShareVision recognizes these challenges and offers a case management platform specifically designed for these environments. This platform enhances resident care and streamlines administrative tasks, providing a complete solution for community needs.

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Discover how ShareVision can enhance the quality of life for supported individuals and staff.

Designed for community living organizations, ShareVision's CRM optimizes client management, boosts communication, and empowers efficient operations. Abandon traditional management methods for a secure, simplified, technology-driven community living management approach. Discover how our CRM can elevate your organization.

ShareVision's CRM transforms community management.

Advantages of ShareVision's community living solution:

ShareVision equips your community living organization for immediate action with an all-inclusive toolkit:

  • Adapt effortlessly with our preloaded content: customizable forms, documents, surveys, calendars, and reports.
  • Seamlessly incorporate your materials: Attach vital forms, documents, and reports to individual client or program records.
  • Innovate on your terms: Specialized agency and government forms and reports can be replicated within ShareVision's framework.

Our case management software features

Customized Community Software

Tailored for the unique needs of community living organizations, ShareVision offers software that's meticulously designed to meet the specific requirements of these settings, including senior living providers and care retirement communities. This software ensures an intuitive user experience, facilitating resident engagement and administrative processes efficiently across different community types.

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Holistic Client Management Services

At the core of ShareVision is its comprehensive client tracking services. This software allows organizations to efficiently consolidate resident information, manage daily tasks, and handle vital documents within a secure, connected digital hub. This approach not only saves valuable time but also ensures that critical data related to resident care is easily accessible to authorized staff, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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Efficient Management of Community Events

Managing community events effectively is key to the well-being of residents within senior living communities and other care settings. ShareVision’s solution excels by offering tools to create, track, and manage these events effortlessly. Community event coordinators can collaborate in real-time, ensuring that residents' engagement and quality of life are significantly enhanced through well-planned events. This level of organization helps streamline daily tasks and administrative tasks, optimizing time and resources across the entire community.

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Each Community Living is Unique: Choose the Right Management Tool!

Customizable workflows for efficient management

Community living organizations operate with unique challenges and demands. ShareVision CRM is designed to accommodate these variations through customizable workflows, which can be precisely tailored to fit the specific processes and day-to-day tasks of each community. This adaptability ensures seamless integration with existing operations, offering flexibility for organizations that manage diverse levels of care, including assisted living software and long-term care facilities.

Scalable Solution for Growing Communities

As community living organizations grow and the number of potential residents increases, the need for scalable software solutions becomes more critical. ShareVision supports these expanding needs with solutions that adapt to growing operational demands without disrupting the ongoing processes. This ensures a sustainable and evolving partnership with the software as communities widen their scope and improve their service offerings to include broader aspects of resident care and quality of life.


Choose Enhanced Quality of Life with ShareVision’s Community Living Software

ShareVision is committed to fostering strong partnerships that empower community living organizations to enhance the quality of life and quality of care for their residents. Through a complete solution that integrates key features like real-time alerts, customizable dashboards, and critical decision-making tools, ShareVision helps transform the experience for residents by providing actionable insights and faster decisions, thereby enriching daily life and ensuring comprehensive care.

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ShareVision Plus gives you more storage space, more features, and the freedom to scale, expand, and build on ShareVision with additional features, unlimited custom reports, and custom site development.

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