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The Digital Divide

R.I.P. old friend, you were dearly loved by all who knew you. Your time with us was short. We will never forget you and we shall reminisce fondly about how good we had it when you were in our lives. Yes, it seems unlimited Internet is now dead. Telus made the announcement in Canada last week that we would all soon be paying for our data usage. Which means we would retain our status in North America, as paying the highest Internet and cellular phones fees anywhere on the planet.  

According to annual report by the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute.

Americans pay far more and get far less when it comes to the Internet than many other people around the world. Internet users in Seoul continue to get the speediest connections at the lowest prices anywhere in the world, with speeds of one gigabit per second costing just $30 a month. By contrast, the best speeds that consumers in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., or New York can get are half as fast and cost $300 a month.” 

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