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Customer Story

A conversation with Nathalie Callender, former Executive Director



Customer Story:
An Interview With Nathalie Callender, Executive Director

Customer snapshot

Individual status report used to take 6 hours per individual. Now it takes no time and no driving around the North Shore - just print

A developmental services organization
Number of staff: ~280
Focus of organization:
Supporting people with intellectual disabilities

Head office:
Vancouver, BC
Accreditation: CARF Canada

ShareVision Plus
Customer since: 2013


  Natalia Stefanova,
Business Development Manager - ShareVision

Please tell me more about your organization and your role.

Nathalie Callender,
Executive Director   

We are a typical local organization providing services to people with developmental disabilities. We have a number of residences, day programs, home sharing, respite, life skills, employment and social enterprise programs. I am the ShareVision Administrator and I also manage the social enterprises programs. (Note: Nathalie was Program Manager, Social Enterprise at the time of this interview and then become the Executive Director.)
What are your favourite aspects of working for the organization? What does your favourite day at work look like?
I create a lot of videos for the organization including a YouTube cooking show for one of our individuals (Emma’s Easy Cooking Show). A favourite day for me is shooting, editing and putting one of these videos up online.
What prompted you to look for a system? What challenges or needs did you face in your sector that led you to look for a solution like ShareVision?
The inefficiency and limitations of paper records. We were still using huge paper binders and physical communication books. Managers were constantly driving pieces of paper all over the North Shore. Of course, pieces of paper often went missing. It was not easy to find out information about other programs in the organization without physically being in the program. We needed to centralize information. Low cost was also very important.
What criteria did you have in mind for a solution?
Easy to use was the most important criteria. We have a diverse staff team and we needed something simple that everyone could use. Communication between programs was also very important. We wanted a system where one program could look up all the important information about their individual – what they did last night, what they are doing next weekend, any med changes and so forth. Low cost was also very important.
Why did you pick ShareVision? Please describe your selection process and what you found most attractive about the ShareVision team and our solution.
The interface was user friendly. Also, as the Administrator, I could create many of my own solutions within ShareVision. This made the price even cheaper.
How did you end up being the ShareVision Admin?
I was passionate about positive change for this organization, I knew I could implement the system and train the staff. I knew I could sustain the momentum needed for this type of project to its completion. Basically – I volunteered :)
What organizational processes does ShareVision enhance and how much does it reduce the cost to complete these particular processes?
Incident Reporting and Communication between managers and HR. These two processes were particularly time consuming and cumbersome including driving these documents around the North Shore. Because of ShareVision they are now totally automated and easily accessible.
How much time does ShareVision save your employees?
It’s hard to quantify but it is significant. The time saving is most notable for managers who were often chasing up papers and driving them to and from Head Office.
What are your three favourite things about the ShareVision site?
Web access – accessible anywhere. Customizable. Simplicity of the interface.
Do you use ShareVision for reporting?
We have demographics reports that we generate once a year as well as individual reporting per program. Everyone loves the graphs and charts! And, we are developing an Incident Statistics Report.
What is the most useful report you produce? Why is it useful? How much time would it take to create that report without ShareVision?
Individuals reports per program. This used to take about 6 hours per individual. Now it takes no time – just print.
What are three words that describe your experience working with ShareVision and why would you recommend the platform to your peers?
Simplicity. Customizable. Sector-specific. It’s the best, perhaps only, software tailored specifically for our sector. Its user-friendly interface is perfect for the diverse staff we have in our sector. It’s cost effective.
What would another member of the management team say if we ask them to share the three words that come to mind when they hear “ShareVision”? How about a frontline staff member?
All info is in one place – saves time. Client information is very accessible.
What benefits have you experienced from working with us?
The support team at ShareVision is always extremely fast in response to a request for assistance. Their group expertise and experience is vital. Working with Steve, my Product Expert, has been a pleasure. He has helped me design a site which effectively reflects our organization's personality and needs. Steve’s combination of creativity, technical skill and experience in the industry has been invaluable throughout the process of designing, implementing and continued improvement of our system.
Now 4 years later, why do you still continue to use ShareVision?
Our organization now depends on ShareVision for our administrative systems, client records, communication and so on. Most people use ShareVision everyday - some of us more than others. We are more productive and efficient than we have ever been and our individuals benefit from our easy access to their current information and the time ShareVision frees up for staff to spend with them. It is a fabulous product. I really can’t say enough about how valuable ShareVision is to our organization and how well tailored it is to our specific needs.

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