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Staff Management Software

Nonprofit Staff Management: The centerpiece of your organization

Nonprofit professionals, the heartbeat of your organization's culture, are deserving of the highest support and tools to succeed. At ShareVision, we recognize that these individuals are the quintessence of talent, strategic planning, and deep-seated commitment to their cause.

Our cloud solutions for nonprofits are precisely crafted, allowing these dedicated leaders and their boards of directors to access essential management resources, fostering outstanding employee well-being and performance daily. ShareVision's staff management software is crafted not just to refine internal operations but to significantly enhance the work life for your committed team, assuring that your strategic plan—and thereby your mission—steadily advances.

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Tailoring Staff Management Software for Optimized HR Functions

Elevate HR and administrative tasks with ShareVision, the user-friendly software for small nonprofits, boosting compliance and simplifying the recruiting process. Create comprehensive profiles within a centralized database to track contact details, job descriptions, and schedule meetings, enhancing the oversight of your current talent pool and professional development opportunities.


Personal Schedules

Boosting Work Efficiency and Employee Balance in Nonprofit Organizations

Upgrade to ShareVision for better time management and to ensure work-life harmony for hourly employees in nonprofits. This integrated solution aids in tracking hours and streamlines internal processes, from background checks to document management, making it a breeze for nonprofit HR managers.

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Task Management

Overseeing Projects and Strategic Talent Engagement

Trax, integral to ShareVision's suite, enriches people management and project tracking. It merges seamlessly with other systems, facilitating a unified approach to employee classification, time tracking, and compliance with nonprofit space requirements. Vital for mission-driven organizations, Trax is essential for virtual teams, streamlining administrative tasks and promoting high engagement levels.


Workplace policies and procedures

Directing HR Efforts Through Advanced Management Tools

ShareVision's staff management software embodies an integrated solution, encompassing user-friendly features that uphold internal processes and compliance. With a focus on nonprofit managers, it ensures that all employees, especially those working hourly, have quick access to necessary information, aiding in skill development and aligning with professional development opportunities.

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Enhancing Efficiency in Nonprofit Staff Management

For social service organizations navigating fast-paced environments, ShareVision provides a pivotal platform for managing staff with its employee management software. Optimized for seamless integrations, it aids in compliance, document collection, and talent strategy, ensuring HR professionals can manage approvals and certifications effectively, driving employee productivity and development.


Staff Activity

Empower Performance with ShareVision’s Staff Management for Nonprofits

ShareVision's staff management software equips managers with analytics and real-time performance tracking, offering a single source for employee classification and schedule oversight. With intuitive interfaces, nonprofit HR managers gain anytime access to track employees, facilitating strategic decisions for talent management and retention.

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Mobile Access

Powering staff management for nonprofits on-the-go

Leveraging employee management apps, ShareVision ensures that mobile devices become powerful tools for medium-sized businesses focused on social service. With comprehensive features for communication, task management, and staff scheduling, this software extends its range of features to mobile platforms, enabling teams to track job titles, goal progress, and day performance, enhancing the overall employee management experience.


Nonprofit Staff Management with ShareVision:  Bolstering Organizational Excellence

With a legacy spanning nearly two decades, ShareVision has been at the forefront of delivering empowering solutions to nonprofit teams. Our platform is thoughtfully designed to enhance the crucial operational tasks integral to your mission. It facilitates task coordination, making a notable difference in the everyday roles of your staff and underscoring our unwavering commitment to the nonprofit community and its distinct culture.

Discover the transformative impact on staff management for nonprofits with ShareVision.