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Services and Facilities Management

A unified management system brings all areas of your service delivery under the same umbrella.

FacilityManThere are many types of nonprofit organizations and social service agencies which may have physical locations and facilities that support their programs. This is why included within ShareVision is the ability to manage each program, service or facility separately and to easily document, search and share the information within each portal.

Programs and Services

Whether you are a small organization with only a handful of programs or you offer a more extensive selection of services, being able to manage each one individually will keep your day-to-day organized. You can then easily update and search for data while ensuring your programs run as efficiently as possible.


From each program portal, you can easily add a new client to any services set up within ShareVision. You may have a day and life skills program, and some clients may be in one program or both; ShareVision makes it easy to manage who is currently enrolled in each program. You can also see which services or facilities a client belongs to from their main profile page and check their schedules to see where they are at any given time.

Enrollment History and Wait Lists

With ShareVision’s case management software, you can track historical program data throughout the years for any client. This might help new staff to understand your client's history better while also providing information on how many individuals were enrolled in each program at any given time.

Some programs may limit how many clients can be enrolled at once, or there may be a waitlist for a new opening within a program. With ShareVision, you can manage and track waitlists, start dates and end dates so that you always know when there is an opening and who joins and exits the program next, giving you time to prepare for the transition.


Forms-SmIn ShareVision, you can keep all forms, documents, surveys, and records for each service or facility in one place.  This makes it easy for staff to locate what they need, get a status report at a glance, review a program schedule, add an event, see program announcements as well as a list of all the individuals they work with within the program. 

You can also customize portals with pictures, links, modules and custom content. Smart forms derived from common industry tracking requirements are included for your convenience. Use them as-is, or modify them to match your existing forms. Don't see the form you're looking for? No problem; you'll be able to create new forms from scratch. 


Your non-profit or social service agency's case management needs may require the ability to not only manage programs but also require you to manage physical locations. For example, you may work for an agency that has multiple community living facilities, group or foster care homes, or even just different physical sites in which some of your programs are operated.

Much like the portals for programs and services, ShareVision gives you the ability to also manage these locations and all of the data associated within them.


Each program or facility you run may have different guidelines, policies or procedures that they need to follow. You can hold each of these accountable by ensuring criteria and standards are met by keeping track of these procedures within each service or facility portal.

Whether you have a new staff member that is unsure of your organization's current policies or need to update your policies yearly and set a notification to remind your staff of a recent change and make sure they have read it - this is all possible in ShareVision.

Facility Management 

Much like the profile page for each program or client, you can post and associate all of the important information you need readily accessible for each location that you operate. 

You may rent a space weekly for certain programs and need access to the contact information for the landlord or maintenance person.  You might also need to post fire drill plans, health and safety information, or contact numbers for home service workers such as plumbers or other emergency contacts. This can all be filed, stored, updated and accessed by your staff members.

At ShareVision, we understand how difficult it can be to juggle multiple programs and locations, which is why we’ve worked over the years with our clients, listening to and learning from their feedback to give you all the tools and features you need to manage your organization or agency best!

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Work with separate calendars for each program and facility or view an aggregate calendar and manage all events for all programs and all facilities.

Individuals Served
Administrators see all participants in each program/facility. Staff see only participants they work with.

Enrollment History
Tracks each individual's enrollment in programs and/or residences. Indicates waitlist status, referral date, start date, exit date, and more.

Policies and Procedures
Document, store, and reference support policies, service procedures, and accreditation standards.

Program Based Reporting
All reports can be filtered by service to give each program a personal view of their data. 

Also Includes

Editable Forms
ShareVision comes with an assortment of electronic forms for client information tracking, outcomes tracking, program and residence management. Edit field names, or add/remove fields as you need to. A wide variety of field types are available so you can easily replicate government forms and any of your existing agency forms.

Alerts, Reminders, Announcements
Internal and external alerting options. Set up alerts for a single staff member or for an entire staff group and choose the notification frequency: immediately, once per day, once per week. Alert family members to criteria you choose. Alerts are emailed with pertinent information.