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ShareVision Benefits

Just a few of the many ways ShareVision can help your agency

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Increased Efficiency

We specialize in helping you bring your paper-based system online, replicating your agency and government reports, automating manual tasks and streamlining your operating processes to bring you measurable efficiency gains and higher productivity.

Easy to Use

Staff and administrators will find ShareVision easy to learn because it works a lot like the web sites they use every day. Client, program and residence pages keep forms and records organized, easy to locate and accessible. Web based forms that work just like the online tools that your staff are already familiar with. Never lose deleted items to user error. Just fish them back out of the Recycle Bin. We won't tell.

Powerful Features

ShareVision comes with everything your team needs to get started right away. Adapt built-in content: ShareVision comes with editable forms, documents, surveys, calendars, reports. Upload content: Attach forms, documents and reports to client or program records. Create content: Specialized agency and government forms and reports can be duplicated in ShareVision. Personal logins, alerts, reminders, and announcements, permissions-based access, and flexible reporting options give administrators and staff tools for communicating, sharing information and records, collaborating, content management and data analysis.


With ShareVision, you're only limited by storage space (and that's not very limited!) That means, you can have as many users, individuals, services and facilities as you can fit into your database storage package. And if you run out, upgrade packages are available for unlimited scalability. Expand functionality with add-on features; or, upgrade to ShareVision Plus for unlimited custom development opportunities.




Start with ShareVision and master the basics. It is easier to manage, and with a lower, up-front cost, it's easier on your budget. Get add-on features, as you need them. Build as you go, and pay for only what you use. Upgrade to ShareVision Plus at any time for use of the full feature set and maximum customization opportunities.

Built With Your Peers

ShareVision is designed specifically for managing client information and the daily operating processes of community service providers. Built-in forms, surveys and reports are derived from professional experience and cumulative knowledge of common industry practices.

Low Risk

Access ShareVision from almost any internet-enabled device. No additional hardware or software is required for annual subscriptions. As long as your software is hosted on our servers, we take care of server security and technical maintenance so ShareVision stays up-to-date and enabled for optimal performance. And just so you know, any data you store in ShareVision belongs to you, even if you choose to terminate your subscription.

Plenty of HelpNotifications-Sm

An online knowledge base is just a click away for all our customers. Technical Support packages and a range of client services are available by request. Our technical support team is knowledgeable, experienced, and extremely effective at troubleshooting, so you're back up and running with minimum interruption to your daily operations. It's one of those things we're just really committed to. ShareVision Product Experts bring technical knowledge and industry experience to guide you through custom business solutions for specialized requirements. Whatever your needs, we want to help you get ShareVision set up and working as quickly as possible, exactly the way you want it. So we've made help easy to access by putting it just a click, a phone call, or an email away.

Confidential Information

Multiple security features protect your data from the outside world. Permissions ensure client information remains confidential within your organization.

Plays Well With Others

ShareVision works nicely with the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe, Open Office, Google apps, and more.

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