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Local values, global experience

Our story


ShareVision was created as a solution to the daily operating challenges faced by one Developmental Services organization in Sechelt, BC, home of our roots and hearth of our headquarters.

In 2004, agency board member, volunteer and ShareVision founder Sven Brindley was uniquely positioned to respond to those challenges. He had inside knowledge of the agency's routines, priorities, efficiency and productivity barriers. Fellow members, advocates and association executives contributed their knowledge, experience, and vision to take part in shaping their first management software suite designed specifically for managing the client tracking and operating processes of a community service provider. The collaboration was a success and our first site was donated to the Sunshine Coast Association for Community Living, our first client. It is still in use today. 

Since then, we've worked with organizations nation-wide in a growing number of community service sectors. We've helped over 200 agencies migrate from paper-based management systems to online, automated environments. 

ShareVision focuses on integrated solutions that help organizations achieve measurable efficiency gains through streamlined operating processes. We provide a range of flexible customization  options because we value inclusion and  diversity of needs and choices. We welcome feedback so that we can fix things when they don't work, respond to current industry directives and provide the best client care, technical  support and training services possible.

From British Columbia to Newfoundland, in places large and small throughout Canada and the US, organizations using ShareVision are as diverse as the individuals they support. But what each has in common, and what they all give back to us, is a chance to have a shared role in positively affecting individual and community well-being, ability, development, opportunity and empowerment. We're happy and honored to be a part of that cycle and proudly rise to its ongoing demands and rewards.

From experience, we understand the challenges of funding and resource requirements that social services organizations grapple with, and the pressures of accountability and accreditation. What matters to us is creating opportunity and optimizing access to our products through pay-for-what-you-use growth plans. 

So go on, pop your head in while you're waiting for your lunch to heat up. Maybe even take a self guided tour. It's free and easy to do. Been here before? Admiring us from afar? Don't be shy. We love questions and are happy to engage you in a consultation to see if ShareVision is a good fit for your organization. If you've been thinking about this for awhile, give us a call and share your vision with us. It's only a conversation. We promise we won't hound you, or be upset if you leave without a package under your arm. We'll just be glad to meet you :) 

ShareVision is a division of Breakwater Designs Limited, a global provider of custom management software solutions.


Meet our team

Team spirit infuses any organization with open and collaborative input, driven toward collective aims and goals. The ShareVision team is comprised of a diverse group of creative, compassionate and cheerful people who converge on common values with direct intimate experience, knowledge and understanding of how social service organizations function. Most have backgrounds working in non-profit organizations as well as continued volunteer work with Special Olympics and similar service organizations. Not only a bunch of dedicated geeks, the ShareVision team bring broad expertise and insight ready to provide hands on support, guidance and service to help our customers achieve best practices in their organizational processes.

Dion Le Roux


Kathleen Bayzand

Vice-President and CFO

Mike Allore

Product Expert Team Lead

Lisa Barnett

Customer Success

Lucas Santos

Product Development

Cam Ansell

Business Development and Sales

Dina Sokolova

Development Team Lead



Brittany Hunter

Upgrade Team Lead

Jenna Chernoff

Product Expert

Justin Mwakule

Support Team Lead