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Nonprofit Accreditation - Accreditation compliance solutions

Attaining nonprofit accreditation can be challenging, but showcasing compliance with the standards shouldn't be.


ShareVision offers an ideal framework for supporting accreditation requirements. Achieving accreditation requires rigorous effort involving implementing policies and procedures that meet your accrediting body’s standards, documenting conformance to standards, and demonstrating evidence of compliance. ShareVision can help streamline both documentation of conformance and demonstrating evidence of compliance. Built-in, editable smart forms and the ability to upload and create custom content enables you to document strategic planning, policies and procedures, outcomes, input, daily activity, collaboration and all other aspects of your service delivery. Use the software’s built-in library features and accreditation template to turn ShareVision into a virtual terminal for compliance reporting. Agencies have found that our templates work equally well for surveys by CARF, FOCUS, COA, or whichever accrediting body you happen to use. 


ShareVision Supports

  • Individual-centred planning
  • Collaboration with external support resources
  • Family participation
  • Multiple users, clients, services & facilities
  • Employee services
  • Information sharing with stakeholders
  • External links
  • Multiple input mechanisms
  • Multiple data collection methods
  • A range of file formats:
    text, graphics, audio, video

Streamlining nonprofit accreditation and compliance with ShareVision 

In the complex ecosystem of nonprofit organizations, ShareVision provides a bridge to excellence by offering an optimal framework for nonprofit accreditation and facilitating their compliance with the highest standards of accountability. Navigating the intricate accreditation process requires a rigorous application of policies and procedures that meet the exacting guidelines set forth by accreditation agencies. These agencies signal the benchmark for excellence within the nonprofit sector, serving as the guardians of quality assurance and ethical standards.

Nonprofit accreditation: securing validation for charitable organizations 

As a charitable nonprofit, compliance with these stringent accreditation standards is critical to gaining the validation required by donors, stakeholders, and the federal levels of governance. ShareVision provides the resources and the expertise to streamline this process, empowering nonprofits to focus on their primary objective of serving the community.

Nonprofit accreditation made simpler with ShareVision

Turn compliance into a smooth process with ShareVision 

ShareVision's unique model for organizations integrates accreditation systems designed to simplify the complex path towards compliance. The content-rich platform hosts a plethora of resources to guide nonprofits through their accreditation journey, providing not only a comprehensive framework for the application process but also the tools to document conformance with accreditation standards.

Excellence through accreditation compliance 

Our platform integrates smart forms, allowing for the creation of custom content and operational plans, that align with the directives of the accrediting body, thereby supporting your commitment to excellence. ShareVision effectively serves as a business plan for nonprofits, assisting in transforming the broad strokes of mission and vision into tangible actions that resonate with the charitable sector.

ShareVision: A harmonious blend of versatility and efficiency in nonprofit accreditation 

Operating in the realm of international accreditation requires a high degree of adaptability. ShareVision is designed with this versatility in mind, accommodating the unique requirements of various accrediting bodies such as CARF, FOCUS, COA, among others. Whether your nonprofit operates in philanthropy, human resources, leadership, fundraising, or any other sector within the broad spectrum of nonprofit agencies, our templates can be tailored to meet your specific needs. This adaptability amplifies your nonprofit's signal in the sector and reinforces your commitment to continuous quality improvement and excellence.

Streamline Your Accreditation Compliance Journey - Experience ShareVision in a Tour.

Comprehensive support: Taking nonprofit accreditation to the next level 

Foster individual-centered planning and collaboration 

The essence of a charitable nonprofit lies in its service to the community and its stakeholders. ShareVision empowers nonprofits to become community partners, fostering individual-centered planning and promoting collaboration with external resources. Our platform encourages active family participation and diverse perspectives, effectively turning you into true people-centric organizations.

Aiding nonprofits in navigating accreditation compliance 

These practices are supported by a wide range of input mechanisms, providing nonprofits with a comprehensive toolkit to document their journey towards excellence.

Nonprofit accreditation made simpler with ShareVision

Leverage ShareVision for improved accountability and accreditation compliance in nonprofit financial management 

Nonprofit governance goes beyond adherence to legal requirements. It encompasses a wide spectrum of responsibilities, from board governance to financial accountability. Our platform enables nonprofits to effectively manage these aspects, offering features that allow multiple users, clients, services, and facilities to operate cohesively.

Ensuring compliance with accreditation standards 

ShareVision's model promotes information sharing with community stakeholders, thereby enhancing transparency and fostering trust within the community.

Diversify data collection and streamline accreditation application process 

ShareVision's platform is a potent resource for the diverse needs of nonprofits, supporting multiple data collection methods and accepting a wide range of file formats. Our platform simplifies the application process, offering guidance from the initial application fee to the final review.

Streamlining the nonprofit accreditation process 

This comprehensive support not only aids in accreditation but also serves as a guide for better governance and community relationship-building.

Streamline Your Accreditation Compliance Journey - Experience ShareVision in a Tour.

Commit to quality and accountability with ShareVision's nonprofit accreditation solutions 

Choosing ShareVision is more than a business decision; it is a commitment to quality, accountability, and a continuous journey towards excellence. Our platform is designed to support and empower nonprofits in their mission, facilitating a smooth and efficient journey through the often daunting world of accreditation.

Strengthening Nonprofit Accreditation and Compliance 

Join us and take a step toward strengthening your organization's commitment to quality and accountability. With ShareVision, your nonprofit accreditation is not just an application, but a journey toward better governance, greater accountability, and stronger community relationships.

Nonprofit accreditation made simpler with ShareVision

What our customers are saying

  • nexuslogo

    As leaders, we are faced with making challenging decisions. More so now than ever! COVID-19 has shaken the world and impacted each of us. One tough decision that I had to make was shutting down our administrative offices and re-deploying all of our leadership staff to work from home. Thanks to ShareVision, this has been seamless – the information flows and the work continues!

  • Posabilities-logo

    ShareVision transformed how we collect and use information. The knowledge base of the ShareVision Product Experts, about their product and the community living sector saved us hundreds of hours and unquantifiable dollars as we designed and implemented our site. It was surprisingly simple to learn and the Sharevision Team was infinitely patient as they trained a non-technical person how to administer our site and develop new content.

  • PhippenHouse-logo

    Our organization went from binders full of paper and notes to bringing it all online with Sharevision.  Though the task seemed daunting, the Sharevision team was with me the whole way to make sure I was able to set up the system exactly how I wanted it.  Whenever I had a question, Sharevision support got back to me within an hour with detailed instructions.  We have now been using Sharevision for almost two years now, and it was one of the best decisions I have made.

  • CISS-logo

    CISS has been using Share Vision to manage our program's activities and employee information since 2009.  When we first started with Share Vision, we used Version 3 and a couple of years ago moved over to Version 4.  Using this system has allowed our organization to move towards a paperless system, and during COVID, we had to pivot to this method very quickly.  We were successful in the transition because of the support and education we received from the Break Water Design team and our own internal Share Vision champions.

  • EssexLogo

    Since we began using ShareVision three years ago, we have invested a great deal of time and resources further developing  our ShareVision database with customized reports, specific notifications and alerts and programming that has revolutionized the way we work. All information is exportable to MS Office programs and templates can be created in Word and Excel for use in ShareVision. The built-in coding for multiple levels of security and privacy gives us the flexibility to offer up only the information necessary for our employees to do their work and ensures information regarding the people we support is kept private and confidential.

  • owen sound-logo

    It is an easy-to-learn and reliable way for our 100 staff users to record information pertaining to the supports they provide people. We are able to introduce new staff members to the system with very little instruction time.

  • Spectrumlogo2017a

    What has been extremely beneficial is having simple and easy web-based access from anywhere in the world and the most current information regarding our supported individuals.

  • inclusion-langley-logo

    Along the way we have discovered that it is so much more than a database! We are always going to be learn and grow with ShareVision because there is so much it can do.

  • We researched data management systems for a year before choosing ShareVision. It was, comparatively, a “no-brainer” and we now use ShareVision for all our programs and residences, HR, surveys, statistical analysis, and even data management and communication with external partners.

Just a few of the growing number of organizations using ShareVision’s Case Management Software

Learn more about nonprofit accreditation and accreditation compliance

How do I register a non-profit organization in Canada?

Starting a nonprofit organization in Canada involves a comprehensive review of the current practices in the nonprofit sector. The first step is creating a detailed operating plan for your organization. Then, you need to assemble a board of trustees, consisting of people who are dedicated to your organization's cause. Once your nonprofit board is set, you can proceed to register your organization with the appropriate national organization or authority. Please note that the process might involve certain licensing fees.

How do you become an accredited organization?

Becoming an accredited organization requires adherence to strict accountability standards, typical of the civil or charitable sector. The process usually involves an in-depth study of the organization's governance dimensions, a peer review, and a demonstration of financial resources management. It's crucial to understand that accreditation agencies, such as the Accreditation Canada team, guide organizations throughout the accreditation process.

What is the process of accreditation?

The process of accreditation involves a thorough review of an organization's operations to ensure it meets specified quality assurance standards. These standards are set by the accrediting agency, and the process usually involves a self-study, followed by a peer review from the accreditation team. If successful, the organization is then awarded accreditation status, signaling its commitment to high standards in the nonprofit sector.

What are the levels of accreditation Canada awards?

Accreditation Canada offers several accreditation options or levels to suit different organizations within the human services sector. These range from basic to advanced levels, with each level representing a higher position in terms of governance factors, accountability practices, and quality assurance. Each level requires a more rigorous review process and adherence to more stringent accountability standards.

Can I start a nonprofit by myself in Canada?

Yes, an individual can start a nonprofit organization in Canada. However, it is essential to navigate power dynamics, understand the costs of accreditation, and ensure that the organization meets the accreditation policy and schemes, including governance dimensions and accountability practices. Keep in mind, in most cases, you will also need to form a board of directors to meet registration requirements.

How much does it cost to register a nonprofit organization in Canada?

The cost of registering a nonprofit organization in Canada varies based on several factors including, but not limited to, the nature of the organization, its size, and its intended scope of activities. Remember to budget for potential costs such as Licensing fees, Accreditation fees for obtaining certifications, and other potential operating costs. It's crucial to have sufficient financial resources before initiating the registration process.

What is the difference between certification and accreditation?

While often used interchangeably, certification and accreditation have distinct meanings within the context of the nonprofit sector. Certification is a process that validates an individual's or organization's skills, knowledge, and competencies in a specific field, usually through an examination process. Accreditation, on the other hand, is an endorsement given to organizations that meet predefined industry or sector standards as determined by an accreditation agency.

What does it mean when an organization is accredited?

When an organization is accredited, it signifies that it has met specific standards set by an accreditation agency. It's a validation of the organization's commitment to maintaining high standards of service delivery, governance, and accountability within the non-profit or philanthropic sectors. This accreditation status often serves to instill confidence in donors and the general public about the organization's operations and management.

What is accredited certification?

Accredited certification is a recognition given to individuals or organizations by a third-party body (the certification body). This body has itself been accredited by a higher authority to conduct such certifications. Accredited certification provides assurance of the competence, impartiality, and integrity of the certifying body and adherence to international accreditation standards.

What are the 4 steps to the accreditation process?

The four steps to the accreditation process are typically Application, Self-study, On-site review, and the Accreditation decision. The Application stage involves a review of the organization's leadership and current practices. The Self-study phase requires organizations to conduct an in-depth analysis of their operations against the accreditation standards. The On-site review is an inspection by the accreditation team, and the Accreditation decision is the final verdict given by the accrediting body based on the previous steps.

How does accreditation work in Canada?

Accreditation in Canada works by evaluating private organizations and charities against a set of nationally or internationally recognized standards. The process is conducted by independent, third-party accreditation bodies, such as Accreditation Canada, which assesses organizations based on quality, safety, and efficiency measures. The aim is to ensure these organizations meet the highest standards in service delivery and governance.

What is the first step in the accreditation process?

The first step in the accreditation process is the application stage. It involves an organization formally declaring its intent to seek accreditation. This often requires submitting information about the organization's leadership, financial resources, and mission. Following this, the organization typically conducts a self-study to compare its operations and practices with the accrediting body's standards. The application is the organization's first opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to meeting these standards.