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We just need a bit of information from you in order to send you a formal quotation outlining the costs for the ShareVision version and options you have chosen. On the form we've included some of ourmost popular add-on features and services which we've explained in detail further on down the page. If you'd like to see a complete list of everything we offer, just let us know and we'll send it to you along with the quote. 




If you're still not sure what makes the most sense for your organization don't worry, we'd be happy to talk to you about it, or even better let us show you our online demo while you tell us exactly what you'd like ShareVision to do for you.



We promise never to pass on any personal information you choose to trust us with. 

Add-on Features

Human Resources Portal
An add-on feature that pulls together all of the information in the system collected about employees into one convenient place. Track employee training, certificates, notes to file, vacation requests, employment history and more.

Communication Log
Designed to replicate the paper communication log kept at many service locations, the communication log tracks entries made by supervisors and the initials of each employees as they are read. Administrators can easily search for unread entries by staff, date, or program.

Intake New Clients Wizard
This add-on makes it quick and easy to add a new client into the system right from the service details page.

Contacts and Relationships Wizard
Allows staff or managers to add new contacts and/or relationships from the client contact page. Also allows editing of existing information and pushes updates to other clients who share that contact. 

Mobile App
Provides controlled access to ShareVision for tablets and mobile phones through an app available for Android and iOS devices. Administrators can pick and choose which information and forms appear on which devices and use the security system to tailor permission levels. 

Additional Services

Service Bundles 5, 10, and 25
Save by purchasing bundles of pre-paid technical service hours to spend time with our product experts or developers to guide you through site set-up, implementation, or customization.

Support Packages
Pre-paid bundles of support incidents let you save over the pay-as-you-go model. An annual unlimited support package is also available for users that prefer to work with our support desk regularly over time spent with product experts. 

Full Service Option
ShareVision is designed to make it easy for you to make changes to the built-in forms and features. Not everyone however has the time it takes to learn the system and make those changes. If that's you then check out our full service option where you tell us about your business processes and hand over your existing forms and we'll do the rest. 

Additional Storage
The storage space that comes with ShareVision can hold over 1 million filled out forms or 100,000+ documents and generally takes agencies a number of years of steady use to reach. If you do end up going over we'll just apply a small fee based on usage. 

One Time Fees

Getting Started With ShareVision
Purchasers of ShareVision Essentials are required to take our 3 hour introductory training course designed to help them get off to great start working with the system.  

Custom Set-up Fee
Purchasers of ShareVision Custom will pay a set up fee that includes the Getting Started training sessions. The set-up fee is used to have our technical team create an individualized ShareVision instance for your organization and connect it to our custom report and forms engines as well as turning on all the bonus features that come with Custom. 

Depending on which options you choose and where your agency is located, taxes may apply. 

We look forward to talking with you about how sharevision can help your ORGANization
  • LiveDemo2
    The ShareVision Project Management Team is dynamic and progressive, always responding quickly to our requests and providing solution based development strategies that lead to timely and cost effective end results.
    (Tammy Howe, TIER Support Services Ltd.)
  • LiveDemo1
    The knowledge base of the ShareVision Product Experts, about their product and the community living sector saved us hundreds of hours and unquantifiable dollars as we designed and implemented our site.
    (Gina Rowan, posAbilities)

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